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08 January 2013 @ 09:36 pm
World's Strictest Parents  
Today was a doozy. I wasn't sure if I could handle having 6 straight hours of classes, but I made it. Predictably, my two ECON classes were the most boring ones. I was dreading ECON 117 because I heard that the professor I had was the hardest ECON teacher in the department. And what a character he was. He looked and acted sort of like a character out of a cartoon. This was most probably because of his voice. And I've heard friends say that he teaches the class like he expects all of us to know these complicated concepts. And now I have experienced it first-hand. I did not ge any eferences he was making. And it's only the first day of class! Usually, the first day of class is an intro into the subject, and they introduce it slowly. But this professor talks as if the rest of the class has already gotten their MA in ECON. I uh...doodled for most of the class. And then next up was ECON 120A, Econometrics. His class was a bit more fun because he tried to engage the students and tried to relate to things we think about. I keep hearing that Econometrics is hard... but I think, with this professor, it will be bearable. And he's got an Aussie accent! Makes everything more interesting, albeit harder to understand. :P
And finally, I had CAT 125 discussion and lecture. For the first day of discussion, we just did ice-breaker games which tied in with the purpose of the course. And that is identifying yourself and the image you want to present to others. The CAT lecture was actually very fun and I love the professor already. She kept us engaged, made us laugh, and made the course interesting. Although the course was already interesting when I looked at the syllabus. It's freakin' intense though, writings due every week and projects and presentations scattered throughout 8 weeks. It's gonna be an intense course, but I'm looking forward to it. It's supposed to prepare us for applying for grad school or entering the work force. How to write a good personal statement or resume and how to display your achievements through the web. Problem is... I have no achievements!! That's gonna be a bit hard. I've pretty much poured all 4 years of college into studying, so I've not done any internships, volunteerships, or research. The one thing I've got is my studying abroad, but in a school as prestigious and hard-core as UCSD, that's pretty much nothing. I predict that almost all the students have had at least 2 internships, some part-time jobs, studied abroad, or are involved with organizing, planning or researching for the campus. We had discussion and two people introduced themselves to the class. One has been anchoring and doing journalism for a local news network while the other was part of a troupe and she performed with fire hula hoops. o.O
And pretty much everyone else in class has got some outstanding feat. They have their own websites, they have interned, they have been part of something revolutionary. I'm nearing the end of my senior year, and I've really got nothing to show for it except my grades. >.< Now I'm really regretting not having been more sociable and aggressive in achieving.... 

On another note, I also want to rant about something that was brought on by a show I've been watching online, called "World's Strictest Parents". It's a show where two misbehaving teens are sent to live with another family (one with strict parents) for a week. And this show has put a lot of things into perspective for me. First of all, I never want to become one of those winy teenagers that gets put into those families. On the contrary, I might even consider myself on the receiving end's family. But honestly, I'm not that great either. 
I wouldn't classify my parents as much as strict as I would classify them as "good parents". In my perspective, my parents have taught us well. Now let me see if I can write this so that it doesn't get too disorganized.
In my view, they've always just wanted what's best for us. Even though I hate it. I know some kids think that their parents want them to become doctors/lawyers because they themselves want a better reputation. But that's not true, at least not with my family. The way I see it, if my parents wanted me to do something so they could brag about it, why don't they push me to become famous? A celebrity, a singer or some performer. Because they know that that may not give me a great life. Paparazzi, drama, limitations, always being under scrutiny, etc. They want us to become doctors/lawyers because that's what will give us a better and comfortable life in the future. They just want what's best for us. 
I thought it was really sad how some parents pushed their kids to play instruments and join competitions only so they can show it off to their friends. I also went through the "piano phase" where my mom made me take piano lessons. But my mom was different. She didn't do it so that I could excel at it and she didn't do it for the reputation and prizes competitions brought. She never forced me to join competitions. She made me do it because it is something that she herself loves to do. And in her view, she thinks that playing the piano can be a way to release stress, much like she does. So she thought it would help me later in life. But when she realized that it wasn't and I was just hating it, she let me stop. So even though I hated taking those piano lessons, I'm glad that my mom let me stop when I wanted to.
In terms of freedom, it is weird what my parents approve of and disapprove of. The things that ar really ad for me, like smoking is a big no-no. (My dad used to smoke though.) But stuff like tattoos, piercings, dying my hair, going to concerts, or drinking a bit of alcohol is totally fine with them. Becoming an alcoholic is totally NOT fine though. So I do think that my parents are pretty fair in creating boundaries for our freedom. 
When I watch the show and I see teenagers thinking, "My mom's supposed to give me dinner. That's her job." It's like they take her for granted. They ask for money and yet still disrespect them. They complain that their parents like to tell them what they are allowed to do and what they aren't, all while living off their parent's money. I wonder what will happen when these children go out into society and realize that they can not do whatever they want anymore. 
I think, if you don't like the rules your parents set for you, don't take their money. Move out. Then you're free to do whatever you want. Although I'm living off loans and am no longer living off my parents money, (except the occasional going back home expenses) I don't feel like I no longer need to respect them anymore. Even though I have the power to do whatever I want and they have no say in it, I don't. I still do what they tell me to do, because well... they raised me for 18 years! All the endurance they had to go through raising me makes me want to give back to them. No matter how badly I was treated, I was still raised in a comfortable home, with a TV, food, birthday parties and vacations to so many places and experiences that I will never forget. 
Was I raised with strict parents? I'm not sure how others would define strict. Yes, my parents hit me as a child, but never without reason. That's just how Asians do. Yes, we got tons of time-outs and standards. Those pretty much straightened us out now that we are adults. Except for that one, "I will not hit my brother" standard. No matter how many times my mom made me write that... it never worked. XD Getting off track here...
Anyways, yeah, we did chores. Yeah, we worked at my dad's company for no pay. I think I've pretty much done every job possible at my dad's company save for sales and driving the forklift. I've done warehouse work. Installed power supplies, worked with drills, unpacked and packed boxes, loaded trucks, opened rebate envelopes, balanced checks, answered phones, entered data, designed banners, written reviews, come up with product names, product logos. EVERYTHING. With no pay. But that's just the way it is. My dad raised us, we should help out the family. I will occasionally complain about the tediousness of it, but I will never actuall complai and then refuse to work. 
On that show, the teenagers are saying that the kids of their host parents are robots and that's just the way they've been "programmed" and they don't know anything else. I really don't see how I've been programmed, because my parents have always given me the choice of what I want to do with my life. My dad's already told me he doesn't care what I do, be it business or teaching, he just wants me to have a happy life. I don't think it's as much "programming" as it's that my parents have taught me well and taught me how to survive in society. 
I also noticed that a lot of the rebellious teens come from single mother families, where they never see their father. This might be a reason as to why they're so misbehaved. It's usually the father figure that strikes down. Or the teens start misbehaving when they find out that their parents are getting divorced. I know the feeling of a family falling apart and I'm just glad I was able to get out of it unharmed. As teenagers, under a household, it is a huge change in their lives. As for me, even though our family history isn't the best, I'm glad that my dad stayed for us. So that we may grow up with a father figure and that he may raise us to be adults. 
I know I'm not the perfect adult yet. I'm sloppy, I'm lazy and I will complain about chores and I'm definitely not the best student around, but I think in terms of my spirit and my ethics/personality, I think my parents did a pretty darn good job. :)
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kame_no_arashikame_no_arashi on January 10th, 2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
Wow long post in awhile. When I clicked on it I was like O_O I have to read all that? Lol

Just write the study abroad down!!!
I also have the same problem...... Cause I never did anything when college started... Guess I should start now huh.

Wow, I just decide whether or not they're strict about something. When people ask if I think they're strict or not, I either let them decide, say what I think at the moment, or say idk. It's a hard topic to touch on but tbh I don't think your parents are strict at all imo.
DMFUdmfu on January 10th, 2013 07:34 pm (UTC)
Haha sorry. I was trying to get back into the habit of writing again. Next time I'll just make cuts and you can just click on the parts you wanna read. XD

I'll probably write the study abroad down, but that's just one thing. Some people have studied abroad along with 6 other activities....

I guess it all depends on how people view what strict is and what you choose to think of it. TBH, I don't think you're parents are strict at all either. : P