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15 December 2012 @ 04:16 pm
Too good to not write about  
Ugh... I haven't posted anything in such a long time. But I really couldn't let this one night slip from my memory. Finals were finally over, and I had bought tickets to see the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action film in Hollywood last night. I really wished someone could've given me a ride, but since it was right after finals, and everyone was just packing to go home, I had to ask my mom to drive my brother and I there. Feel bad for my mom though. She also had to pick my dad up from the airport... so I don't know if it's less work or more, considering they're both in the LA area. But I seriously do not regret going to this event.
There are some events that I go to that I'll think, "Eh." and some that will just blow my mind and make me so happy. And this was one of them. I'm still on an adrenaline high from last night. I actually wasn't sure if I would be properly dressed for the event, since they asked that we dress formal. But I had a final and then I had to rush to the train station and get back, which I might not have enough time to go back and find something formal. Also, because I didn't own anything formal either. -.-
Anyways, I actually finished my final 2 1/2 hours early. I guess I wasn't too stressed out about it, since it was pass/no pass. So I got back home early, and had a bit of time to sort things out. But of course, I didn't. Our house was renovated too. We switched out the carpet on the first floor to hardwood floors and got a new TV, new sofa, and there were so many changes! But they were good changes I guess. And my uncle is now here to live with us. Not one of the good changes.
We were supposed to leave by 5, but my brother kept trying to find something to wear. It's funny, because a couple days ago, when I told him it was a semi-formal event, he complained and wrote a complaint letter to the organization. And yesterday, he went all-out on his appearance, when I just donned a jacket, and under that was just a normal shirt and I was wearing jeans. So he spent forever trying to make his appearance look good before we went and I was nervous about the time. Anyways, we got to the Egyptian Theater at around 6:30, and got our tickets. They were filming something behind us, and my brother was whispering, "Look, I'm gonna be on TV!" and my mom was telling me, "I think that's George Takei." And I looked, but his back was to us, so I didn't get a good look and I didn't want to get caught staring, so I turned away. My brother was saying, "I don't think that's him. His face is thinner".
So we got into the theater, and apparently, the only seats available for us normal people would be the top sides columns and the front middle rows. My brother wanted to sit at the very bottom on the side, but I complained that we couldn't get a very good view of the screen. He just wanted to sit at a corner seat so he could use the bathroom without going through people. But then we went with my way and sat somewhere on the top right side column, which were pretty good seats. The top middle were reserved for the press and the bottom sides for special guests.
The opening ceremony was pretty good, in which they introduced the guests, including the director of Rurouni Kenshin and the actor who played Sano, Aoki Munetaka. He is surprisingly tall, and he came with the gaudiest clothing. He was wearing a suit similar to yakuza suits with those golden-flowery designs. XD Also, they introduced a surprise guest, Mr. George Takei! So my mom was right. And wow... I've actually never seen Hollywood actors in real life, though I live in LA, I don't visit Hollywood much. So yeah.
They took some pictures and then the film finally began!!
I won't go into detail on what happens in the film, but I am definitely buying the DVD when it comes out. And it better have English subs. Anyways, I just want to comment on some things. Sato Takeru is very cute. But with that hairstyle, with his eyes hidden under his hair, he really REALLY looks like Kame. His eyes are his defining features, so when they're hidden, I can finally see the resemblance. During the whole film, when his eyes were covered, I kept thinking, "Omgosh, Kame..." Anyways, the action scenes were the best of all, since it IS based off a shounen manga. But I thought the times when they weren't fighting, it was somewhat slow. Also, the movie didn't exactly follow the sequence of the manga/anime, and it sort of mixed two arcs into one, substituting antagonists into different arcs. But it was fine, since there was a lot of stuff to cram into a movie and they made it work, sort of. So I really liked it. There were two characters I didn't recognize in the movie that weren't in the manga/anime. They resembled people, but I think the director tweaked it a little so they weren't exactly characters from the manga/anime. What I didn't like was that they kept playing the same exact music for every single scene. It's fine for anime, but I wish there'd be more variety in a live action. And then ONE OK ROCK's song for the credits. I also didn't expect so much comedy and cute moments in the film, but it was packe full of those.
All in all, I loved the movie, I loved being the first in the States to watch it, and I would definitely watch it again. My brother and I had to leave early so that my mom could pick us up and we couldn't stay for the afterparty. But on our way to the restroom, I saw the actor for Sano, Aoki Munetaka heading to the restroom and I waved. XD My brother went with him to the restroom and he came out and said, "Dang, he's tall." XD
And on our way out of the theater, we actually met George Takei, just standing there, and we asked for a picture. He was really nice about it. Too bad neither of us brought cameras, so we had to make do with a camera phone. After my photo, I asked if he could take one with my brother and he commented, "Oh so you're the brother. You're a tall brother". And my brother was like, "I'm the younger brother." And he said, "But taller." Haha, he was really nice about it. :) I think this was the first time I got a picture with a Hollywood celebrity. XD Maybe I should go to Hollywood more often....
And my ridiculous outfit with my bro before we went out:
This night made me really happy. And tonight, I'm going again to watch Helter Skelter and Thermae Romae. There won't be any famous people there anymore, but I'm still excited. 2 nights of awesome Japanese movies. This is a great way to lead up to my birthday. :)
kame_no_arashikame_no_arashi on December 31st, 2012 11:04 pm (UTC)
Happy belated birthday!
I'm glad you had fun! Wait, so Sato Takeru and the ACTUAL JAPANESE cast was in Hollywood?! o.O

Don't really know who George Takei is ><
You didn't take a picture with Sato Takeru?! :( I wanted to see how much he resembled Kame......

I have the movie bookmarked, gonna watch it when my internet's not being a boogie.
DMFUdmfu on January 1st, 2013 12:41 am (UTC)
No, Sato Takeru wasn't there. Only one of the cast members were there. If the rest of the cast were, (especially Takeru and Emi) I would have totally jumped at the chance of meeting and talking to them.
And meeting George Takei was awesome enough. (He's an old Hollywood actor. Played in Star Trek)
And yeah, you definitely gotta see the movie to see how much he resembles Kame. Is it already out online!? I'm totally buying the DVD! XD
kame_no_arashikame_no_arashi on January 1st, 2013 12:44 am (UTC)
That's too bad...

Yeah, George Takei sounds sooo nice

i'll watch it, just probably not now lol. it's at plotboxes i think