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15 October 2012 @ 11:52 pm
Returning Home  

After a long, extended hiatus, I've decided to start writing journal entries again. It's not for any special purpose or inspiration that I recently had. But more for what I've already stated when I first started this journal. To help me keep my memories. And what better way than to start with my day today. 

So it was a pretty typical day. I thought it was beginning to cool down, but nope. The weather report predicts that the week will be around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is great for me. Especially when I've lost most of my winter clothes. Yeah, that's right. I brought my winter clothes with me to Taiwan in February. And I bought more spring/summer clothes while I was there. So to lighten the load, I asked my grandmother, (who came in May) to help me take my winter clothes back. She and my uncle came over to my dorm to pick them up the day before her flight. Right now, I don't know where they are anymore. They could either be lying somewhere in our garage, or still somewhere at my uncle's place in Taiwan. Who knows. All I know is that I need some winter clothes before I freeze to death. 
And it was about time that I bought more winter clothes. The ones I had are all at least 4 years old. So a change in my wardrobe isn't a bad thing and I'm long overdue. Also, my fashion senses have gotten better. Albeit not by much. But I do know what I want and what I don't want to wear now. On second thought... maybe not. I would probably wear whatever, because really, I have no image to uphold. -.-

Anyway, putting that aside, I did go to class today. Don't remember much of what was taught in philosophy though. Something about psychological egoism and selfless altruism. I've got a paper due on Friday, but I'm not stressing too much on it. I may take that class pass/fail. And then there's ECON, where there's a whole bunch of math that I'm not getting this week, so I'll probably go to the discussion tomorrow so that the TA can clear it up. 

For the rest of the day, I pretty much stayed in the apartment. I had a quiz to study for tomorrow and a paragraph to write on immigration policy to submit to my INTL190 professor before tomorrow. It wasn't so hard, since I already had something in mind, so I just typed it out and sent it. Actually, we were supposed to send in our final paper topic too, but I forgot. Or more like, I was hoping the professor would forget he assigned it to us... I guess he didn't. I got an e-mail not even 10 minutes after I sent it, reminding me to include my paper topic. Darn... I hadn't thought of it yet. But I looked at the syllabus and ethnic return migration looked interesting enough. Especially when I really think it could apply to me. So I've decided my topic to be the ethnic return migration of Asian Americans to their ancestral countries. And the policies and outcomes of that. 
INTL is actually a pretty interesting class as long as you keep up with the readings. I will explain why I'm so interested in ethnic return migration in my next post. But yes, partly because I plan to do so. Go back to Taiwan. But real life is just crushing on that dream right now and you have no idea how vexing it is. Again, will save that for a later time. 

Debbie. Over and out.
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kame_no_arashikame_no_arashi on November 1st, 2012 08:20 am (UTC)
i need a new wardrobe too >